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The History of Mabel Lucie Attwell


English artist Mabel Lucie Attwell was born in London in 1879 and died in Cornwell 1964. She was a shy child and liked nothing more than to sit with one of her sisters and make up little stories to which she would draw the illustrations. When she was 16 she went to college, financed by selling her paintings. During her art studies she met a fellow art student Harold Earnshaw, they married and had three children, Peggy, Peter and Brian, and they must have been the inspiration for her work. 

From the very beginning her work was in constant demand. She not only illustrated for children as she was equally famous for her unique ability to reach adults through the drawings of children. Her illustrations appearing on advertisements, postcards, calendars, tins, books etc. Her humour could be seen in everyday situations and related to social changes that were part of English life in the 20th century. Mabel adapted her illustrations to follow trends and fashion.

Mabel's illustrations can be found in many of the popular fairy tale and nursery rhyme books, including Peter Pan and Wendy, Alice in Wonderland, The Water Babies, and Andersen's and Grimm's Fairy Tales and the Lucie Attwell Annuals. As a commercial illustrator, her work was used to promote military efforts during the first and second world wars advertise numerous products of the day. She used the charm, and innocence of her children to attract attention of adults.

Her clever approach provided the timeless appeal and demand for her work. Mabel's images of babies with a cherubic look, the toddlers with the winsome  faces and delightful characters will continue to be loved as we appreciate her unique artwork and although time passes our memories go on forever. 



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